I am AC

While Matt will be providing sustenance, pithiness, and thought provoking posts, I'll be doing nothing of the sort. For the first couple days/weeks, I'll be feeling my way around wordpress and generally not carrying my weight. I am a datamonger and an informationmonger. Last year, during "24" I blogged every episode while watching it. Over the weekend, I'll be posting some of those in their proper dates. I never posted the finale post, which seems strange to me, so I'll be posting that in the next couple days to lead into the big premiere next week. I find myself hating "24" but I can't stop. I have two cats. And Netflix. I'm married. There's more, but I'm get a better feel for YOU before telling you.

Here's a link full of easy online games for you in farewell. I haven't played most of these games, but I've played a few of them and they are definitely addictive. Consider yourself warned.

2 thoughts on “I am AC

  1. Rachel

    I can type the alphabet in 5.6 seconds.

    I can place all the U.S. states with 90 percent accuracy (average miss: 13 miles).

    Thanks for the link. No, really.

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