How to Not Bang a Prostitute – Eliot Spitzer Flow Chart

How difficult is it not to hire four thousand dollar prostitutes? I saw this question and wanted to try to answer it, especially coming from the mindset of a politician. You never know, it's tempting. That damn Emperor's Club VIP makes it so easy. So I made a flow chart! Every politician should print out the full flow chart and use it in everyday prostitution related decision making. It would be best if no more golden boys were beset by faulty logic, so in the future, I hope they use the Eliot Spitzer Flow Chart.

Spitzer Small
(Click image to enlarge) (Thanks to Eric and Mike for image help, to Brian for prostitutional knowledge)

8 thoughts on “How to Not Bang a Prostitute – Eliot Spitzer Flow Chart

  1. Jessie

    Definitely worth staying up really late on a “school” night to finish. It’s hard to read on my computer, though…

  2. Aaron Pik

    I think this needs heavy action. I tagged it and alerted some folk. Brilliant work.

  3. G

    J, except for the “Yes” branch that heads to the left and loops all the way around and over to the “Don’t do it – you’ll end up looking like a huge hypocrite” you would be correct.

  4. ac Post author

    Admittedly, this was realized prior to J’s comment, but not corrected until after.

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