MLB All Star Ballot Monkey Business

Or, Bullying the Ballot Box.

Red Sox Nation's power as one of the more active constituencies when it comes to MLB All Star balloting is well known. With that power comes great responsibility. Such as the responsibility to vote AAA player Lastings Milledge into the All Star Game. It makes sense, if the National League team is weaker, the AL is more likely to win and thus take home field advantage in the World Series. Also this:
...At the very least we'd be teaching MLB a valuable lesson on how to take a person's name off the digital ballot if they're not even wearing a major league uniform at the time. Why is Milledge even eligible?

Via Baseball Musings.

3 thoughts on “MLB All Star Ballot Monkey Business

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    It’s a bit ridiculous that we even have the chance to vote a AAA player into the all star game. The MLB really needs to get with the times and have a better balloting system.

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