The Dirtiness of The Boston Globe’s Crossword

Matt has been looking for a crossword puzzle and thinks he might have found a winner after stumbling upon Leonard Gravis' latest in the Globe. This is chicanery and tomfoolery of the highest order and I, for one, salute you, Mr. Gravis.

And so it was with great joy today that I stumbled across the work of Leonard Gravis in the Boston Globe. It only took one clue for Mr. Gravis to reel me in. “The ___ mightier than the sword.”
Think about that one for a moment and then consider that this clue fell on space number 69 across.
Yes, the answer to 69 across in today’s Boston Globe is “Penis.”

One thought on “The Dirtiness of The Boston Globe’s Crossword

  1. Adam Pieniazek

    Hahahahahaha….oh Boston Globe, I lob my fair share of criticism at you but in the end, I’m glad you’re around.

    Can’t wait to see how the Herald tops this one.

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