You Can Not Have A Reasonable Argument With Idiots

Via Talking Points Memo, a poll from Public Policy Polling drilling down into the nonsense regarding whether President Obama is a naturalized citizen of the US.

According to the poll, 24% of the population do not believe Obama was born in the US. That's not a huge surprise, because that's about the % of the country that supported Bush until the end of his presidency (though, it's obviously not certain these are the same people). More of these people (10% to 7%) believe he was born in Indonesia, rather than Kenya, which is weird because as TPM notes, everyone knows that Obama was born in Kenya, or at least that's what they say.

Most telling, tough is the 10% of people who acknowledge Obama WAS born in Hawaii. 6% of them don't think Hawaii is part of the US and 4% aren't sure.

Reasonable people can disagree, sure, but these people aren't reasonable.