9 Best Internet Moments of 2009

Mashable put together their list of the top 9 internet memes of 2009. I can't tell if they were presented in order or not, but this isn't the order I would have presented them in if so. There was so much noise in their post that I simplified the list to just a link each. Anything missing?

As far as excitement on the internet, I'm not sure #3, #4, or #5 belong with the others on this list. #6 doesn't either, but it was a truly awesome internet moment.

#1 David After Dentist
#2 Susan Boyle
#3 United Breaks Guitars
#4 Three Wolf Moon T Shirt
#5 Baby Dancing to Beyonce
#6 JK Wedding Entrance Dance
#7 Christian Bale's Meltdown
#8Balloon Boy
#9Kanye West at the VMAs