The Marvin Barnes Time Machine

Interesting look at Marvin 'Bad News' Barnes who had immense talent, but flamed out because of drugs and other trouble. At one point, it was hard to focus on basketball because he was making so much selling pot. Also this:

There is the legendary story about the Spirits getting ready to depart on a flight that left Louisville, Ky., at 8 p.m. and would get into St. Louis at 7:56 p.m. due to a time-zone change. Upon looking at the schedule, Barnes said, "I ain't getting on no time machine,'' and rented a car for the trip.

3 thoughts on “The Marvin Barnes Time Machine

  1. buzzpeak

    Rhode Island’s finest basketball hero. Growing up in the Biggeest Little State in the Union, I remember hearing the Marvin stories. There was one wherein he robbed a Cumberland Farms (convenience store, aka “Cumbies”) in his high school letter jacket. Yep, with “Marvin” stitched across the front and his school conveniently stitched across the back. True? Or like the mouse in the Coke bottle?

  2. nathan

    If you like that, everyone should read ‘Loose Balls’ by Terry Pluto. This guy is a great sportswriter (cleveland based) and award winning author, but this book is a compilation of dialog about the life and eventual death of the ABA. It is awesome, Pluto simply introduces a topic or time-period & then presents extended quotes from owners, coaches, players etc. to explain how things evolved. Great read, especially the section dedicated to Barnes & the St. Louis Spirits, including first time play-by-play guy Bob Costas.

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