Esquire’s 70 greatest sentences

I love lists like this. An interesting piece of internet history: This piece is from 2003, which is why it was posted all on one page. If it was posted yesterday, it'd be on 70 different slides to increase page views. I like the old way better.

And too much testosterone is what causes men to commit unspeakable crimes like murder and rape and The Rock and Bad Boys. --Jeanne Marie Laskas, 'Michael Bay,' 2001

When a writer does well, the rest of the country is doing fine. --John Steinbeck, 'A Primer on the 30's,' 1960

Also, I shouldn't have to say this, but do not, under any circumstances, put Pop Rocks in your ass. --Stacey Grenrock Woods, Sex column, 2003

via ★Tim Carmody