I don’t know what to title this post..

…Since they already used the Top Chef/undercover joke, but this was a funny article about the lengths chefs have to go to hide their participation in Top Chef.

“Having to pay a million dollars makes you a good liar,” says Season 5 contestant Carla Hall, whose husband was the only person who knew the truth. She told everyone else she was in the Bahamas. “I used to work in the Bahamas, and I would go away for months at a time,” Hall says. “It was all private islands, and so it wasn’t unusual to go long periods of time without talking to people.”

When she filmed Top Chef All-Stars in New York in 2010, Hall tried to keep her destination a secret at first. But her catering company had a huge project in the works, so she ultimately gave into questions from her staff: “They were counting on me and I had to say, ‘Oh by the way, I’m out. I won’t be here.’ They were like, ‘What?!’ So, I had to tell them, because they didn’t understand why I was leaving.”