40 alternate Die Hard movie posters

Last year about this time I put together a post of 19 alternative Die Hard movie posters. When I went and looked back at that post, it had been decimated by link rot, so I thought I'd put it back together for this year. While doing so, I figured I'd look for some more posters and I found 21 more. So here are 40 Die Hard movie posters in various styles from various artists.

NewImage NewImage

Left via Daniel Norris

Right via Reddit

NewImage NewImage

The previous 2 are from Buzz Brewery, which seems to be down at the moment.

ron guyatt die hard NewImage

Left via Ron Guyatt

Right via Olly Moss

wharton die hard NewImage

Left via Wharton

Right via Olaf Cuadras Ferre

Cameron Stevens Die Hard NewImage

Left via Cameron Stevens
Right via Matt Owen

NewImage die rivrav

Right via Arthur Ditner

Left via Rivrav

russell ford die hard russell ford die hard

Both via Russell Ford

zaheer bulsara die hard NewImage

Left via Zaheer Bulsara

Right via Design by Dzwonkowski

this is my boomstick die hard.png k bailey bender die hard

Left via Garry Brown
Right via K Bailey-Bender

russ maschmeyer die hard

Via Russ Maschmeyer

popsters die hard ryan black die hard

Left via Popsters

Right by Ryan Black (Original not found).

daniel keane die hard artist unknown

Left ia Daniel Keane

Right artist unknown, please help.

abe wardana die hard brett thurman die hard

Left via Abe Wardana

Right via Brett Thurman

jim rugg die hard

Via Jim Rugg

alain bossuyt die hard jay moon die hard

Left via Alain Bossuyt

Right via Jay Moon

die hard mini gaming baung die hard

Left via Mini Gaming (Not sure if that's the artist or not.)

Right via Baung

balint bernhardt die hard.png michael handlon die hard

Left via Balint Bernhardt

Right via Michael Hanlon

donald smith graphic design die hard

Via Donald Smith Graphic Design

Artist Unknown Die Hard.png dereke chatwood die hard

Left via artist unknown, please help.

Right via Derek Chatwood

die hard injust07 bcapazo die hard

Left via Injust07

Right via Bcapazo

NewImage dan sherratt die hard

Left via Tim Doyle

Right via Dan Sherratt


Via Sir Manish

These next ones aren't quite movie posters, but I think they fit.

die hard dr seuss

Via Jeremy Todd / /film

scott campbell die hard

Via Scott Campbell Great Showdowns

Here's a Die Hard cross stitch.

Die Hard themed greeting card.

pie hard hanksy

Hanksy via LS

Some Die Hard art. More. More. More. More. More. More.

Lastly, here's a holiday card from Nakitomi.