Awesome half-court shot

Here's an amazing half-court shot that got me wondering about the insurance companies who help people insure against occurrences like this. Do you think the Hawk's bother insuring this promotion, and how much would it cost? You figure their maximum loss is $41K if every one of the fans hits the shot. Someone probably has numbers on how many shots (X) are hit in an average year, and the insurance would cost some amount greater than X * $1000. And then how does the interference of the announcer factor in?

Thanks, Alex.

One thought on “Awesome half-court shot

  1. Mike D.

    A thousand dollars? Seriously? What a bunch of cheap mofos. I have never seen a half-court shot with such a tiny prize. At that prize level they definitely don’t insure it. Normally these things are worth a lot more than a grand. Atlanta, keepin’ it classy!

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