I’m sure I’ve talked about taxes before

I must have used this space to discuss how dumb our tax code is. It's confusing, frustrating, time consuming, and has an entire profession (nothing against accountants) an entire profession to deal with it. Some studies show "doing taxes" cost Americans 225 million hours a year, and costs the government $2 billion. Well, there must be a reason for it. Some industry group, MAYBE THE ACCOUNTANTS?! must be lobbying the government to keep taxes confusing so they can stay in business. Oh, it's not the accountants, it's Intuit, the makers of the online tax prep software the government could just create on their own? Well, surely they must have spent a lot of money lobbying to keep something in place that costs the government $2 billion a year. Oh, it was only $11.5 million? That's… dumb.