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Immediate economic impact of Hurricane Sandy – Market Basket edition

I've got a long history of fawning over Market Basket, the grocery store around the corner from my house. It's cheap, constantly crowded, and features a parking lot way too small for the number of people who want to go. There is always a police detail on site, and for the week around holidays, there are TWO police details on site. The floors are constantly sawdusted from wet breakage. The chaos in the aisles and check out area on the day before Thanksgiving and the days before Christmas is my spirit animal.

Market Basket is the perfect place to check out maniacal storm preparation, but today the road leading into the parking lot was shut for a street fair. The parking lot was more than half empty, and I've never seen the store so calm or quiet. Market Basket probably would done tremendous sales today, instead they probably won't even make their average.

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