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Food gifts you can buy from me if you’re so inclined

One of the reasons I've been posting here less frequently is a little tiny baby, the other is the side projects and events I organize are happening more often and I've started doing them regularly in other cities. To that end, here are a few things coming out of my events that might make good gifts.
First up, shirts from the Bacon and Beer Festival. The onesie really is cute. There isn't a ton of black baby clothes available.

bacon shirts

Super Precious Art Gallery produces its fair share of food related art, but the shows lately have been really great. The latest, Punctuation and Grammar, is up right now at Bloc 11 Cafe in Union Square, Somerville, and there's an opening party on Sunday with coffee and prints.

sriracha and pizza art.png

Hamburger Cheeseburger Hotdog: A Tribute to Backyard BBQ

The latest Super Precious Art Gallery show is up featuring 26 pieces from 20 artists. It's an illustration heavy tribute to backyard BBQs and there are plenty of hotdogs and hamburgers to go around. Please take a look!

Here are a few samples by Josh LaFayette, TJ Kelly III, Ryan Frease, Michael Rapa, Carolyn Sewell, and Emily Chionchio.

JL SP Sriracha 650px TJKelleyIII BestWallpaper
BBQorDIE RyanFrease 14x11 webSp bbq mcdonalds finalSuperPreciousBBQ SewellFinalItalian cookout web

Super Precious Art Gallery mini-Groundhog Day art show

Groundhog Day Art

About a year ago, I started an art gallery project that would feature semi-regular art shows featuring affordable and collectable art inspired by a specific theme. The first show we did was kind of a test show inspired by the movie Groundhog Day. A year later when it came time to decide what show to do for our birthday, the only possible choice was… doing another show inspired by Groundhog Day. Pretty meta, huh? In any case, check out this year's Groundhog Day show and click around the gallery if you haven't already.

New Year’s Resolutions – Super Precious Art Gallery

New Year's Resolutions Super Precious Art Gallery.png

The latest Super Precious Art Gallery show, New Year's Resolutions, is now online. There are 14 pieces from 10 artists who all created art inspired by a theme of New Year's Resolutions. Show looks pretty good. Check it out and tell your friends! (Super Precious Art Gallery is a project of mine started in 2012. The gallery lives mostly online with pop up art openings to celebrate new shows.)

Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians

The latest Super Precious show is up and it's called Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians. I was trying to pick one or two pieces from the show, but it was too hard. They're all pretty great. I figured a better way to get your attention would be to list the references/causes represented in the show.

In all, there are 27 pieces from 21 artists. Click through to check them out.

Agent Dale Cooper / Twin Peaks
Biggie Smalls
Calvin & Hobbes and Susie
Shredder / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Johnny Cash
Megatron / Transformers
Donkey Kong
Jack Donaghy / 30 Rock
George Takei / Star Trek
Dr. Who
Nancy Grace

Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians – Next Super Precious art show

Here's some information about the next Super Precious Art Gallery group art show. Super Precious is one of the projects I started earlier in the year, and the shows have been getting better and better. If you like art, it'd be awesome if you'd sign up on the mailing list.


Into the highly charged political arena of this election season, Super Precious Art Gallery wades with an irreverent look at Propaganda for Non-Politicians. The show features over 20 pieces from 18 local and national artists advocating for everything from boats to coffee to Q*bert. Join us on Sunday, November 4th at Bloc 11 Cafe in Union Square, Somerville for an opening reception of the show with artists on hand and prints available.

The show will hang at Bloc 11 from 10/31-11/13. More information available at http://superprecio.us/ Peep the awesome poster by Josh LaFayette below.

Please RSVP and invite your friends to the opening here.

SP Impolitico PP Bounce 800px

Super Precious Art Gallery 20th Century American Authors show

Last week we put up the artwork for the latest Super Precious Art Gallery show, the theme was 20th Century American Authors. I think this might be our best show yet, which I will likely say every month, but the art is great. There are posters inspired by Orwell, Gibson, Steinbeck, Salinger, Vonnegut, and of course, Bukowski. The show has been getting some good feedback and was picked up by The Millions, Flavorwire, ShortList, and Exp.lore.

I'd really appreciate if you signed yourself up for the Super Precious email list, which gets a message about once every 6 weeks.

Below are 'Destruction of Words by Vaughn Fender, and "Vonnegut" by Jon Defreest.