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Immediate economic impact of Hurricane Sandy – Market Basket edition

I've got a long history of fawning over Market Basket, the grocery store around the corner from my house. It's cheap, constantly crowded, and features a parking lot way too small for the number of people who want to go. There is always a police detail on site, and for the week around holidays, there are TWO police details on site. The floors are constantly sawdusted from wet breakage. The chaos in the aisles and check out area on the day before Thanksgiving and the days before Christmas is my spirit animal.

Market Basket is the perfect place to check out maniacal storm preparation, but today the road leading into the parking lot was shut for a street fair. The parking lot was more than half empty, and I've never seen the store so calm or quiet. Market Basket probably would done tremendous sales today, instead they probably won't even make their average.

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New weather app for bike riders

If the folks developing the Dark Sky weather prediction app have their way, you'll no longer have the ability to misjudge the weather and get caught in a storm when you're riding your bike to work last Thursday, the Tuesday before, and pretty much every time it rains I get stuck in a storm, and I'm fucking sick of it. Sorry. Anyway, how do they do it? Who knows! What's the catch?
Well, the catch is that it only works over a short period of time: a half hour to an hour in the future. But, as it turns out, this timespan is crucially important. Our lives are filled with short-term outdoor activities: Travelling to and from work, walking the dog, lunch with friends, outdoor sports, etc.

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City of Somerville Snow Emergency? Not Today!

Somerville is a city that LOVES its snow emergencies. We've had a snow emergency for every snow storm this year, during which, you can only park on the odd side of the street. The City LOVES them. Sometimes, they call a snow emergency the morning of the day before a storm. We love our snow emergencies so much, there's even a Facebook Group in appreciation of Tom Champion, the guy who records the snow emergency phone messages. This past week, we even had a cold emergency. There weren't any parking restrictions, but Tom Champion didn't want us going outside unnecessarily.

Except for a couple hours this afternoon, it's been snowing ALL day, and yet no snow emergency. You'll get'em next time, eh, Champs?

Freaking Out About Freaking Out About The Snow Has Jumped The Shark

I'm calling it right now.
To: All you hardy New Englanders making noise about other New Englanders making noise about the snowstorm.

Look, people freak out about the weather. They freak out about the snow. They freak out about the cold. They freak out about the hot. They freak out about the rain. They freak out about the lack of rain. It's not just weather either. Any event that is happening to a large group of people is going to cause some percent of that population to freak out. And you know what? Another percent of the population is going to stand on the side of the that group and they're going to ridicule them for freaking out.

This is no loner acceptable behavior. It's over. Right now. This has to end. It's possible you didn't know how many of your acquaintances freaked out about weather and such before Facebook Status Updates and Twitter, but you've seen television news, right? Who do you think the reporter on the side of the road in the parka and mittens was talking to? Who do you think was watching all that stock footage of plows and sanders rolling out of the DPW yard? This is how people are. People like getting worked up about things and getting fired up about them getting fired up isn't going to make them not be fired up next time. Believe it. And you better know I'm serious if I'm using a euphemism that involves sharks. I hate sharks.

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